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📝 Employee Engagement Survey

58% of organizations are not taking meaningful action on the data from their employee engagement surveys.

If you are already taking action, AWESOME, please follow our LinkedIn page and I promise one day we will post something that you find value in.

If you are not taking action*, WE GOT YOU, this is what Anew Consulting does.

How we can help:

✔️ Create a validated survey with benchmarking data

✔️Send it out to your employees with a measured communication plan

✔️ Gather & analyze the data

✔️Provide in detail next-steps for your managers and push follow-ups to keep them on track with employee engagement initiatives

✔️Identify managers that need additional coaching

✔️ Get a pulse on your organization

✔️You get a lovely dashboard with easy to read data that includes HEAT MAPS ( we love heat maps) - See example below

✔️We are going to be your partner and prep all the work for you at each distribution. We can work with you behind the scenes or run the show at your direction.

✔️ We are going arm you with data-driven, human-centered talking points you need to articulate the value of People Operations in your upcoming executive team meetings.

Are you ready to take action? Schedule a demo, after the call we will get a proposal plan back to you in one business day

If you made it this far, THANK YOU for your time!

*We are experienced HR executives, we know all the directions you are constantly being pulled in, no judgment here.

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